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Fall 2022- Spring 2023

  • $15 Registration Fee per student per year 

(Valid Aug 2022-July 2023)

If you withdraw mid season and re-register, a second registration fee will apply

  • ​Tuition Class Fees: 

  • Tuition is based on a 10 month season fee that is divided into 10 equal payments (payable August -May)

  • The number of classes in a season is added up and divided into ten equal payments. Some months have more classes, some have less, but the monthly installment payment remains the same  

  • There is a 5% discount for those wishing to pay the whole season up front

  • Unlimited class package does not include pop up or 6 week courses

January-May Fitness Series

$145/month - includes 3 fitness classes/week

Short Course Series

$69 - 4 Week Course

$99 - 6 Week Course

$129 - 8 Week Course

*Valid for class series that are assigned this specific length of time.  

*Currently registered students receive $10 off short course fees 

Adult Class Drop-In Rate

$20 - Per Class 

Drop-in classes are pending class availability and are only recommended for dancers with experience. To guarantee your spot in class, please register for our monthly option

Private Lessons:

Starting at $30/half hour

Email us for details and information

Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 12.59.49 PM.png




  • Our Fall/Spring schedule runs August 15th, 2022 - May 27, 2023 

  • We are closed during Thanksgiving Break (Nov 21-26), Winter Break (Dec 24-Jan 6) & Spring Break (March 13-18)

  • Classes are one hour, once per week, unless otherwise noted

  • In the event of severe weather or emergencies, NHDA will follow Hillsborough County’s advisories on closing

Tuition & Enrollment Policies (Fall/Spring)

  • Registration fee & first month’s tuition are required to secure your spot in the class 

  • Subsequent tuition payments are due on the 1st of the month, and will be billed to your credit card on file.  If you wish to pay another way, please let us know before the 1st of the month

  • Tuition is non-refundable, and there are no refunds for classes missed. We are happy to accommodate make-up classes when possible.

  • If NHDA cancels a class for any reason and cannot schedule a make-up class, you will receive a credit on your account for the class missed

  • Withdrawal Policy:  If you wish to withdraw from your class for any reason, a 30 day (4 class) notice is required.  This gives us an opportunity to fill the spot in the class. Accounts will be responsible for any class fees 30 days after their withdrawal notice.  Withdrawals after April 1st, 2023 will be responsible for the remainder of the year tuition (April & May)


Class Policies

  • All students must be potty trained to enroll in our dance classes (except Plie' & Play).

  • Masks are encouraged based on local guidelines (except students in Plie' & Play)

  • Parents, siblings, and friends are not permitted in the classroom to observe. Students focus best without outside distractions. You’ll be able to view classes through the one-way window in our lobby

  • Please send students with their own water bottle.  

  • No food, gum, or non-water drinks are allowed during class or inside the studio

Dress Code

  • There is a dress code for all classes in order to set students up for success - 

  • New Heights Dance stocks leotards, tights, and shoes for purchase in our studio. Please visit our "shop dance wear" page for some photos. We also have a partnership online with Revolution dance wear at for anything we don't sell in store

  • Hair should be pulled back and out of the student's face for all classes

  • For summer camps, please send students in clothes they can comfortably move in (including doing tumbling). Leotard and tights, or athletic wear with leggings are great options. 

  • For weekly classes, see below. CLICK HERE FOR PICTURE EXAMPLES

    • Ballet/Tap Combo (ages 3-6): Tights & Leotard (any color).  Skirt optional (though we do recommend an attached skirt as opposed to a separate piece as it causes less distraction).  Ballet Shoes & Tap Shoes (any color)

    • Acro/Jazz or Acro/Ballet Combo:  Leotard (any color) with leggings OR Leotard with convertible or footless tights  (shorts optional). Please no skirts in these classes as it makes it difficult to spot the students in acro.  They will need Ballet or Jazz shoes (whichever the discipline is), and will take the shoes off for acro.  

    • Ballet (ages 6+): Pink or black tights, leotard (any color), skirt optional. Ballet shoes (pink or black). Hair in a bun. 

    • Jazz  (Ages 6+): Leotard (any color), with tights (any color), and jazz shoes. Skirts/shorts optional

    • Tap (Ages 6+): Leotard (any color), with tights (any color), and tap shoes. Skirts/shorts optional

    • Hip Hop: Fitted athletic wear; jazz sneaker or clean-soled black street sneaker. No midriffs.

    • Adult & Teen Classes: Fitted athletic wear you can move well in and appropriate shoe for the style. For contemporary, a ballet or jazz shoe will work. 

    • Plie’ & Play: Whatever you're comfortable and can move freely in! Parents will be participating in movement so make sure everyone can move well. 

    • Boys: Please wear black pants and any color shirt, along with appropriate shoes for each style (any color)

  • In person local dance store options: Target, "Dance Tampa" in South Tampa or "On Your Toes" in Temple Terrace, "Dance Gear Etc"in Lutz

COVID Precautions

  • Students & Teachers are encouraged wear masks as per current CDC recommendations (except students in Plie' & Play)

  • Sanitizing touch points & props in between classes 

  • Outdoor parent & student waiting area 

  • Limited class sizes 


Season-End Show (Fall/Spring Only)

  • All students will be expected to perform in our end of season "New Heights Dance Festival" on or around June 2, 2023

  • If you wish to opt-out of the performance, you must let us know by February 1st

  • There will be a festival participation fee charged to all accounts on January 1st, 2023 that will be $65-80 per student (exact fee will be announced at a later date)

  • All festival related details will be sent out by October 1st

additional parking.png

Student Drop-Off, Pick-Up & Parking

  • Please drop off and pick-up your student within 10 minutes of their class time. 

  • The entrance is on the south (right) side of the building. As soon as you walk around the corner, you'll see an entrance through a fence- that's us! 
  • The outdoor waiting area is provided for parents to wait during class if you wish to stay
  • We will no longer be releasing students through the parking lot doors (unless specifically requested), please come to the side patio to pick up your students
  • Parking is available directly in front of the building.   You may also utilize the church lot across the street - park anywhere in the lot - they will not close the gates or tow!  You can also park along Keyes Ave (again, the church will not tow) - OR after 6pm you can park in front of the gates at the tackle shop next door. Please plan ahead for parking!
  • See map:
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