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Summer Season

Our Summer season runs June 5th - August 2nd.  During this time frame we offer many different options to fit your Summer plans and needs!  Summer is a great time to try new styles and introduce your student to new activities!


Students will have a great time during camp weeks learning new skills, participating in crafts, and putting it all together for an end of week performance at the studio!

Each week will be themed by style and will have new content so sign up for one, two, or all six!

Camps are $150/Week

June camp payments are due on June 1st.

July camps payments are due on July 1st. 

Summer Camps 2023.png


Our Summer Classes are divided into two, 4-week sessions. You can sign up for either, or both, depending on your Summer Plans. The schedule is mostly the same between the two sessions, except for a few changes!

Classes are $69 for 4 weeks. Each additional class per student is $45 for 4 weeks.

Payment is due on June 1st for Session #1 and July 1st for Session #2

Summer Classes 2023.png
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