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New Heights Dance Academy On-Site Dance Program

Sign-up to bring New Heights Dance Academy to your school!

New Heights Dance Academy is now bringing our 5 star preschool dance program to you.  We will arrive weekly at your school ready to provide an engaging and fun dance class






Why provide dance classes at your school?

  • Dance classes are proven to enhance a child's motor skills and physical development

  • Our brain-compatible dance education methodology ensures that each lesson is appropriate to a student's current developmental progress

  • Dancing awakens the inner creativity in all children and also provides an outlet for energy and excitement. 

  • Having a creative outlet is linked to better mental health 

  • Physical movement to break up their day will help with focus during more academic driven activities

  • Learning dance helps children build confidence, as they learn a new skill, have the opportunity to practice, and eventually master it

  • Dancing in a group setting fosters teamwork and supports encouraging their peers 

  • There is a large demand for dance classes but a lot of families can't commit to after school activities due to work or other scheduling conflicts 


What are the classes like?

  • The class will be 45 minutes once per week 

  • Students will be broken into age groups based on their classes 

  • Our teacher will arrive at your school and gather all students who are participating in the class and take them to the designated area 

  • Each class will include beginner ballet technique along with creative movement. Our curriculum is designed to be appropriate for each stage of development  and engage the child's brain and body


What is the cost?

  • One class per week is $65/month 

  • Parents who want to sign up will register and pay us directly through our online portal 

  • There is no additional cost to the preschool to add this program

Do I need a dedicated dance room to do the class?

  • No!  We are pretty flexible about where the classes can happen. We bring our own speaker and any needed props

  • We just request an area that is separate from other students not participating, where the students participating can hear the music

  • Before moving forward with the program, we will come visit your school and walk through options


What do the students wear?

  • We will provide a link to parents where they can order a leotard, tights, and ballet shoes online.  

  • We ask that the school assist with getting students into their dance wear prior to our arrival. Being in the proper dance "uniform" helps keep kids focused and ready for the new activity.  If time does not allow for this, we can always assist when we arrive

  • They can change back into their normal clothes after class


Will there be a performance?

  • Yes! At the end of the session, we will work with the school to arrange a performance that works for everyone. Additional costume fees may apply.

What do I need to do to sign up?

  • Just click the "I'm Ready to Sign-Up" link below

  • We will then contact you to set up a free on site meeting to discuss the program details

  • We will request parents contact information to email them a flyer on the program (we can also send hard copies home with the students)

  • Approximately 3-4 weeks in advance of the start date, we will come to your school for a FREE trial class for your students

  • After the trial class, parents will receive information on how to sign up

  • We handle all registration through our online portal - nothing you need to do!


Cassie and her team are absolutely amazing. My daughter started her first class and I was worried with leaving her (3) and covid. My daughter did not want to go until we came in and met her instructor and peers. She won’t stop talking about it, and I absolutely love it! Cassie and her team were so helpful and supportive and offered to let her borrow shoes when Amazon delayed my order. I can say my children will be continuing here. So wonderful.

-Shelby L.

"My son has loved his ballet/tap combo class at New Heights Dance Academy. The teachers have been really lovely and engaging. It's the perfect mix of structure and creativity for the 5-6 year old set and he looks forward to going every week. The Covid safety protocols are also really reassuring. We are looking forward to enrolling our daughter once she is old enough for dance. 

-Chris C.

My 3 year old daughter started taking combo classes at NHDA and I now recommend New Heights Dance Academy at every opportunity. The environment of the studio is welcoming and positive with the focus of the dancers building confidence in themselves through the art of dance. It's apparent through the interactions that I've witnessed that all the instructors genuinely enjoy teaching. The skill set that Cassie enthusiastically teaches with such compassion towards the kids is evident in every single class. Enrollment and payment is simple, classes are very fairly priced and the value that I get in return as a parent watching my child learn and grow in a healthy, safe environment is everything I could ask for. Cassie has mastered the talent of being a skilled professional while incorporating her love of teaching dance.

-Bridgit K.

We have had our daughter at New Heights Dance Academy for a year, and it was the best decision we ever made. She’s fallen in love with dance and she looks forward to attending every week. They do an excellent job of making dance both fun and instructional. Could not recommend it more!

-Taylor W.

We Love NewHeights Dance Academy!!!
2021 was our first year with Ms.Cassie & her assistants , they are the sweetest! My daughter’s first dance day we stood outside the class room the entire 1hr and watched from video monitor (shy & nervous). With every class we attended they made sure my daughter was completely comfortable and now it’s her favorite part of the week. I Recommend NewHeights to everyone of ALL ages you’ll really enjoy the atmosphere and learn techniques you didn’t know you had in you. They also do amazing of keeping the parents involved, we are excited for classes to resume for year 2 in August!

-Maya S.

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